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Happening to two different ps3

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this is what I am getting I’ve had a PlayStation three slim for a number of years and open till a few weeks ago it worked fine and then all of a sudden it started freezing and I will get these different colored lines through the screen and it would freeze up I’ll have to turn it off and turn it back on and sometimes I wouldn’t get a signal back to the television and I will take me a while to finally get the signal back and then eventually it would freeze and get the colors again so I went on eBay and bought a brand new not a brand new a new used PS3 fact that was backwards compatible and I’m having the same issue with I’ve looked on YouTube and done all the tutorials I don’t know what’s going on how could the same problem be with two different PlayStation’s what’s going on could it be the wiring the television I have no idea

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Have you tried hooking up to different TV units to see if the problem persists? Using different hdmi cables?


Yes same issue How can two different PlayStation’s have the same exact issue


@D Key

Have you tried using different video output types other than HDMI from the PS3 e.g. component video or composite video and checked what it looks like, you didn't say?


You mean on the red white and yellow cables yes I tried that and in the same result I’m dumbfounded how the same issue could be happening on different TVs with two different PS3’s it’s a mystery it’s baffling anybody who can solve it I’ll Send $50 to


@D Key

Really stupid idea but have you tried a different power outlet for the PS3? Is it connected to a powerstrip? If so connect it directly to a power outlet.

Different TVs, different TV signal input types and cables, different PS3s, same video output problem, you would think that there has to be a common link somewhere?


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Hi @D Key

It seems as that it is in both consoles then, so my only suggestion now are to try to update the firmware (if the console stays on properly for long enough) and see what happens. Maybe try only one first.

Other than that it could be a hardware problem (overheating?) so you may have to open them up and check for any obvious component problems e.g. heat stressed components or blown or leaking capacitors etc.

Here's the Ifixit PlayStation 3 guides that will help.

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