Why is my system still crashing.

Hey so I have an Xbox one s from !&&*. I bought it used for 100 bucks with a 350 gb harddrive in it. Harddrive was failed so i replaced jt with a 1tb ssd. The console still crashed. So i tore the whole system down and replaced the paste on the apu. And blew out all the dust in the system. That still didnt fix it. So i brought it to a local repair shop to get it fixed and they diagnosed a bad power supply. System still crashes. What else could possibly be the issue. Im from canada so there isnt many options i trust for system repair and none are near me.

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what does it do when it crashes? a step by step or even a video would be great.

any codes get thrown ? as much info about the crash details would help greatly.


My apu needs to be reballed. All the other components are new.


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