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Galaxy S10 5G Bluetooth not working

For the past few months i have had this issue with Bluetooth just randomly turning off and me not being able to turn it back on for a few minutes. But Yesterday it turned into it not working all day yesterday and all day today. I have tried many steps including clearing data and cache, Resetting network settings, force stopping the Bluetooth system app and restarting, and safe mode. I want to avoid a factory reset at all costs so what should my next steps be?

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update: I cleared the cache partition of the phone and it worked for 5 min but now isn't working anymore


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Hi @mcofficalplays ,

Why not backup your phone to the cloud or a PC and then do a factory reset?

After the reset, test if the BT works OK or not in factory default mode. That way at least you will know whether it is either a hardware or a software problem.

You can always restore it back to what it was before by using the backup.

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Hi @mcofficalplays ,

Try clearing the cache partition once more and the start the phone in safe mode and see if the BT stays on.

I realize that you said that it didn't work in safe mode before but as you said that clearing the cache and starting normally worked then perhaps a downloaded app is doing something in the background and then again causing the problem.

If clearing the cache and then trying in safe mode works then check the permissions of all the downloaded apps in the phone.

If they all appear to be OK you may have to uninstall each downloaded app, one by one, clear the cache and try again until you find out which one is causing the problem

A downloaded app is one that you downloaded and installed and wasn't one that came pre-installed with the phone when you first got it.


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