Black screen with power on (asus x556UA)



Forgat to turn of laptop at night, wake up with laptop off because of no power left in the battery and no power cable connected. Turn on the laptop the next day and it starts on for 5 sec I see Asus log the screen goes black because of the low battery. then I connect the power cable and it turns on but the screen is black from start.

  • The fan has power
  • the hard drive has power
  • the CPU has power
  • the battery gets power
  • All the led lamps inductor turns on

my case is Solution #2 but I have also tried Solution #1.

here is a link to the troubleshooting that I have tried.

I have also tried this:

  • I have disconnected all the internal cable
  • hard rest the motherboard
  • put in a brand new ram
  • connected to an external monitor

Other info: on this link, you can see how it looks on the inside of this laptop.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other troubleshooting?

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