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My air bag light will light once in a while.

I have a 2004 Honda Accord Coupe and sometime the airbag light will light when I start the car up and stays on while I am running it..and then it might not do it again for a week or longer when I start it..there is no rhythm to the period of times it does this.I have tried attaching and releasing my seat belt and this does not affect it.

Thanks for any advice….I have entered the VIN into the Honda link website and there is no recall of my auto according to thewebsite.

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Sounds to me like your seatbelt sensor may be going out. I know some models of the accord had a recall for faulty airbag wiring but you had crossed that out as a possibility with the VIN check.

The seatbelt sensor senses that the buckle is in place and that you are, in fact, wearing your seatbelt. It is most likely throwing the airbag alarm because it senses that the seatbelt sensor is not properly working and that light is telling you the airbags won’t be deployed since the sensor is in an “off state” or out of position technically.

The sensors have to be in an “on state” in order for the airbags to function properly. Airbags should deploy, most of the time, regardless of the situation. However, that sensor will hinder/decrease the effectiveness of the Air Bag Deployment System if not functioning properly

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Thank you,but i have unplugged the seat belt and plugged it in many times and my seat belt light will go an and shut off accordingly every time...but in the rare times that the air bag light goes on,when i start the car up and will stay on until i stop the motor it will always light up when i start the car and stay on until the motor is stopped......the same goes when i start the car and the light goes on during the start up test sequence and goes out,like it should. It NEVER will go on while the motor is running.... so what i am saying,it will never intermitently go on or shut off.That is what confuses me.It may act up maybe once a week or so...and this month is my inspection sticker month,so i just don't want to be taken over the hurdles by the shop.

thank you


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You will need to interface with the vehicle’s computer and check the error codes that are active (if the light is on), and history (which have occurred, but are no longer active). Once you have the error code, that should get you the steps for what is needed to repair it.

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