MacBook Pro black Touch Bar, screen and no keyboard backlight

Hi everyone,

I have a MacBook Pro 15” 2018 A1990. My laptop ran out of battery and shutdown. When I charged it back it started but the screen was black (I can see the Apple logo with a flashlight), the Touch Bar is black ( the escape key isn’t even showing on the touch bar) and the backlight of the keyboard is off as well. When I start the Mac I turned on voice assist to help me what’s on the screen, it asked for password (it’s the firmware password of the logic board) once I type that into my Mac it just restarts and comes back to the same password boot check.

I’ve held down the option key to select a boot drive but it won’t boot into any drive and restarts. I reset the NVRAM, SMC, and started in Safe mode but it still can’t boot. When I let the battery drain the out of battery symbol appears in full brightness and when I plug the power cable in the Apple logo appears in full brightness for a second and then goes dim again.

I’m going to buy a usb c to hdmi cable tomorrow to try get the boot screen on a monitor, I’m also out of warranty :(

Any suggestions?


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