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Faulty top cover preventing boot?

Hello all, I recently purchased a untested A1286 15” MBP.

it came with no battery or HDD, I installed a known good battery and a SSD with El Capitan.

it would boot to grey with Apple logo and loading bar, at about 3/4 progress, it would fade to black, come back with a blank grey screen, and hang.

Now I dug a little further, because I noticed it was powering on by itself once I plugged the MagSafe in, and I couldn’t get a response from the keyboard. I found that the trackpad connector was MIA and the keyboard connector was unplugged. (It does have a couple of missing keys, I assume damaged.)

but, when I plug the keyboard connector in and reboot, it chimes, lights up grey very briefly, then goes black. Certain commands on the keyboard make the caps lock LED briefly illuminate, or if I hold it, it strobes or flickers. It makes more progress with keyboard unplugged, and that’s very confusing. Am I looking at a top case/keyboard/trackpad issue, or have I lost the logic board?

I get proper led color from the MagSafe connector, and I’ve removed and inspected the logic board very carefully under magnification. I see no sign of water damage or burnt components.

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Sounds like you have a logic board failure here which is not that uncommon in this series as tended to have a problem with a capacitor Macbook Pro 2010 kernel panic GPU issue repair: SOLVED! C9560

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Thank you for this link, extremely informative video. I started stumbling onto information about the supposed faulty graphics chip, and I did end up baking the board shortly after I submitted my question, and I was able to boot the system into recovery after. Although I still have a faulty keyboard.

I now have a known good case assembly being shipped to me to take care of that.

So to follow up, without modifying the board and replacing the capacitor, how long can I reasonably expect to run the computer until it fails again?

I also, although not micro, have soldering equipment. Do you think I could comfortably pull off a repair like this without the specialized equipment?


Heating the board doesn't address the root issue. All you did was buy a bit of time.

Sadly you really need the correct tools to do this. I would ask around to see who might have a hot air rework station and a small soldering iron as well.


I appreciate the response and feedback, thank you!


@shiftaustin - Don't forget to score and accept the answer - Thanks!


Done, and thanks again! Although I can’t test it now on my board at the moment, I may pick up a faulty logic board and test this out, see if the voltage is dropping out as described, and go from there. I will come back and update this again when I have more information!


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