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iPhone XS Max keeps restarting and is slow after repair.

Hey, yesterday I finished restoring an iPhone XS Max that had a cracked screen and back. I replaced the screen with an original refurbished apple panel (works well), however used an aftermarket housing with small parts.

In the end I noticed a lot of the small parts were badly installed, or were missing. I needed to transfer over the speaker mesh and grommets, button springs, Taptic Engine (due to paring), screws (LOTS were missing), button and wireless charging flex (as the included one was not soldered), flash flex, wifi antenna flex and the usual logic board, battery and FaceID components, and that’s just what I can recall. As far as I could tell all the functions seamed to work fine, however…

The iPhone is incredibly slow, and very laggy - even using the keyboard there is a massive delay and sometimes freezes. It Alonso constantly restarts every couple of minutes it is used (even sometimes while it is charging - using a genuine apple cable and 20W fast charging brick). Initially I thought it was a battery thing, but the battery was working fine before and displays 90% Battery Health, then I found out that it may be related to the charging port, as one of the included parts I did use was the aftermarket charging port (the other one was quite dirty). I haven’t sealed the screen down with adhesive just yet, as I wait for a solution, but I don’t want to throw more money at it with its imminent depreciation coming with the iPhone 12S/13 around the corner.

Any ideas? Could it be charging port or battery related, or is it a logic board thing? Just a bit of a shame as the repair took hours and hours (probably should have spent the extra to get the housing and parts from my usual supplier!).

Thanks in advance (:

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It is most likely the charging port or the battery info causing it to restart. As for the lag and slow function you will need to rule out whatever you swapped, even the screen. You need to purchase an original port pulled from another board and another battery plus a screen if you can even if the screen is cracked but working.

 When they arrive pull the logic board out of the housing and connect the port, screen than battery and prompt to boot with your charge cable. This will completely rule out parts and if it is still slow and freezing it will be a logic board issue.

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I tested the screen when it arrived at it appeared to be fine. When I have some spare time I will give this a shot - thanks!


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