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My screen has started flickering


My screen has started flickering. It will start up, start flickering soon after the backlight will die. usually ok on restart but problem re-occurs a minute later. is the problem with screen backlight or on processor board?


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Is it a light flickering or an image (video) flickering ? It's always a good test to connect the machine to an external monitor and check if the problem mirrors on the external. If so the logic boar could be affected. If not and if you have lightning flickering then the inverter board could be suspect. Video flickering could be caused by the LVDS cable or a bad LCD panel. Apply pressure on the two sides of the display and tell us how the screen reacts.

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Hi Again

Its definitely the backlight flickering because I can just about make out the screen ,ie like the brightness is turned to zero.

I can also get it to re-instate briefly by manually zero-ing the brightness and turning up slowly.

The flickering gets worse as the brightness goes up.

Just as a spot more information, the screen has taken longer to warm up in recent months, starts off very pink warming to white over 15 seconds or so.

Or at least it used to...

Is the inverter board a relatively easy fix?

I think I remember seeing it when i took the screen assembly apart. Long Story.

I've been under the bonnet a few times and am fairly competent.


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Hi Frank,

Pink tinge LCD is a symptom of a dying backlight bulb. You should have mentioned it in the original question. Now you have three repair choices:

1- buy a fully working replacement LCD (new or used)

2- buy a cracked LCD on ebay and use the backlight assy

3- buy the backlight bulb and resolder it in your backlight assy. (tough job)




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