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Repair guides and support information for Lenovo's Legion line of gaming laptops.

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Legion 5i noisy fan

Fan making noise on Legion 5i 2020, assuming fan is clogged.

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Hi @alvinhunt,

What is the full model number of the laptop as shown on the information label on the bottom?


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Make good use of Ifixits guides to open up your laptop and clean the fans maybe use a vacuum cleaner, but do be careful about doing that

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OK, but I did not do that. For some reason, it fixed itself.


Sorry for such a late reply, but does iFixit have a guide for the Lenovo Legion 5i laptops? I can't seem to find one. I just bought a gen 7 (2022) and was hoping iFixit had a walkthrough opening it up properly as I have heard the sides can be tricky.


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Hi @tonyharrison

ifixit probably doesn't have a guide yet, as the model may be too new.

Most guides found on ifixit are posted by users but given how new your model is, it is doubtful that people would have opened it yet, as the warranty may be voided if they did.

Here's a link to the Lenovo Legion Series guides that are posted on ifixit

Here's a teardown video that may help, if it is the model you're asking about

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Thanks jayeff, very much appreciated.

For anyone else interested, I found out that on these models the RAM, SSD's, Wifi cards (some are whitelisted) etc. are user-serviceable without voiding the warranty, with the following disclaimers:

Any damage inflicted on the machine in the process will not be covered by warranty unless you have ADP (Accidental Damage Protection).

Any replacement parts will obviously not be covered by warranty (other than any warranties given by those parts manufacturers).


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