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The Black and Decker is a cordless household drill that can be found by the serial no. LDX 120C

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I have B/D 20V LI-ION Lithium battery drill, it quit working full chg.

I have B/D 20V LI-ION Lithium battery drill, was using today and found the response time from pushing trigger, to when chuck turns was getting slow and now don’t work change drill direction forward or reverse still nothing? Battery fully chg. and checked with meter. Any solution please Love this drill, it’s 7-years old!!!!

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Please verify the full model number of the drill?

It may be a problem with the trigger switch assembly.

Knowing the model number will help to find the correct replacement parts if the switch contacts or switch assembly electronics cannot be repaired.

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LD120 (20V max)


@S Gonerman

Having trouble finding all the parts for the model.

There are several LD120 20V max models but they seem to share the same part numbers for the parts that I did find.

Unfortunately the trigger switch assembly is not one of them.

Here's the most extensive parts list I could find for a B&D LD120VA.

As you can see there's not many spares still available.


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