Nothing wireless is staying connected?

I don't get it. Sometimes my Xbox one s works as it should with no issues. Sometimes (like right now) it'll literally get stuck in a loop where the controller, headset, and wifi disconnect and connect and disconnect every 5 seconds. It'll disconnect the controller (first thing i notice), the controller will blink for like 30-45 seconds trying to connect again, it'll sometimes connect (sometimes not), just to disconnect again. Hard wiring doesn't do anything, still doesn't connect for some reason. Controller vibrates upon plugging in, but won't connect (light will keep blinking). Same with headset and wifi. I'd be in an online game or something, the controller will disconnect randomly, and I'd be kicked out of the lobby because I'm disconnected from wifi. Any ideas AT ALL?? It's literally so frustrating and i don't want to buy another console as i had just bought this one used and it's worked fine up until now.

My wifi connection is fine as the router is not far from the Xbox at all. Same with where i sit with my controller and headset, can't be more than like 10 feet away from the console.

Again, sometimes (SOMETIMES) it'll work fine. But when it starts doing this crap, it's not even worth trying to play anything.

I did notice that the sync button will only work when the controller isn't having trouble connecting. When it is having trouble, holding down the sync button on the console does nothing (i.e. power button doesn't blink or anything).

I've googled and researched and posted on Reddit forums and everything i could to no avail. What the crap is wrong with it??

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