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Всё, что нужно знать о ремонте и разборке iPhone SE второго поколения, который был выпущен в апреле 2020 года.

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How to replace or remove the charging port silver bezel?

As shown in the attached images, I am trying to find a way to remove the silver charging port metal ring for the iPhone SE 2020 replacement housing. 

I have so far been unsuccessful, but was wondering how it is done, and if it is not possible where to buy a new one in silver, that ships to Australia. 

This is my second replacement housing, the first one came with a defect, but had the silver ring uninstalled. This second one is a replacement unit, which I opened to find that it doesn’t have this silver ring installed, and also came with no buttons or sim tray (reused the old ones). 

Thanks in advance for your help (:

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On most iPhones you can just pry them out. I gather you cannot on the SE. You will have to become inventive and try and press it out from the outside. I have never seen these available in the parts stores.

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