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Clicking when trying to power on

Hello, I’m trying to start my MacBook Pro but it doesn’t want to, it keep making a clicking sound when I press the power button and doesn’t display anything on the screen

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It turned on now, I simply unscrew every screw and clean the inside, then screw it back together but without thighing down the screws


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Ouch! This is a very old system, without access to good known parts to work with it will be tough to fix this system.

I’m not sure if its worth the expense given the limitations of this Core 2 Duo system. It won’t run any newer 64 bit Intel based apps or even the newer M series (ARM based) Apps either.

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Nah man that’s a intel core 2 duo Mac, but yeah you are right it’s very old


@Diego Imprenti - Wasn't watching what I had typed ;-{ I meant Core 2 Duo ;-}


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