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Will a Display late08 fit to my MacBook Pro?


i've got a MacBook Pro 15" mid09 2.53 GHz with a broken screen. Now i could have a Display from a MBP 15" late08 for low money.

Now i would ask, if anybody knows if this display will fit to my MacBook Pro? Optical they look the same..


Now i mounted a display from a late08. I just had to replace the cables to the mainboard with the old ones. Now everything's working (the display, camera, brightness sensor, wireless). The only thing that's not working is: When i close the lid, the notebook doesn't go into the standby mode.. I already have done a SMC reset.



A PRAM reset don't helped. I completely mounted the late08 screen, except the two cables, that are connected to the mainboard, these are from the original screen. It's a glossy screen.


I tested it now, thanks for the hint :). on my old screen respectively on my MacBook its on the left side, and on my actual screen its on the right side. When i hold a magnet directly under the left speaker, the MacBook goes sleeping.. I'm thinking about buying a little magnetstripe and glow it on the left side on the screen.


So, i took a fridge magnet, pulled the sticker from the pizza delivery service off, afterwards i glew double-sided adhesive tape on, and cut it on a small size. It works great, and it's inconspicuous.

Here's a picture:


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The last three characters of my serial number are the following: 7XJ.

Im sure that it's a mid09 modell.

Here's a picture:

http://www.imagebanana.com/view/9hktc5vm... ("Mitte" means middle on german)


Thank you osmanyaser for coming to iFixit to resolve your issue.


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The reason that the computer can't be put to sleep by closing the lid is that Apple moved the trigger magnet from one side of the display to the other. You can easiely check this by carefully runnig a small screwdriver or similar magnetic object either side of the screen to find out the position of the trigger magnet.

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