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Repair information for non-Apple computer keyboards.

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Logitech type+ keyboard won't turn on

My sister has a Logitech Type+ keyboard for an Ipad. It does not have replaceable batteries, they are rechargeable. The green light comes on when it is fully charged. When the Ipad is placed on the magnet hinge the kbd does not turn on. It should turn the light green, then flashing blue, then solid blue when paired. Nothing lights up. I am assuming there is a problem with the switch mechanism in the magnet but I can’t find any disassembly pictures to see how it works. Any ideas?

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I read the instructions closer. When the battery goes that's the end of life for the device.


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Hi @pwansley

Not sure if this is the same keyboard but here's a video that shows where the two CR2032 coin cell batteries that power the keyboard are located.

Worth checking anyway.

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It doesn't sound like the battery, if you are still getting valid charge indication. The enabling action is via the magnet, so I think you're on the right track there. The keyboard will wake when keys are pressed, but I assume you've tried that. Alas, I have no experience with these things.

If it is the battery, I don't think it's ends-of-life. Logitech shows an internal prismatic battery with a cable and connector (not CR2032 as suggested above -- those are for another keyboard). However, they only mention removal for disposal, and do not call out the battery type.

Careful use of a spudger should enable you to open the keyboard, and the battery will likely be labeled with a part number, chemistry, and capacity. You can probably find an exact replacement.

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