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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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What does the gold plate on top of the lvds connector do?

Hi guys,

I have a mid 2009 MacBook Pro and my lvds cable is faulty so I’m needing to replace it however, on the lvds connector that’s soldered to the logic board, there is a gold plate, mine has fallen off. Does anybody know if this gold plate plays a part in the display operating or what is its purpose?

Thank you!


Block Image


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The plate is part of the EMI screening to prevent signal leakage as well as intrusion from other sources. It also helps in making a good physical connection of the contacts on the other side, basically its’ needed.

Why did you remove it? It’s well secured not likely to fall off on its own.

Update (09/21/2021)

Well you have a bit of a mess ;-{

First the cable is not workable in its current state. You’ll need to replace it, here’s the needed part 13” Unibody MacBook/Pro LCD/LVDS Display Cable, Apple P/N 661-4820. Here’s the guide to replace it MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Left Clutch Hinge Replacement

Your logic board connector is also to far gone, you’ll need to replace it too. Now the tough part do you have the soldering skills to do it. This connector is not easy! You need to either heat and keep the connectors solder joints wet or you need to carefully desolder each pin carefully one by one and then the ground base without lifting the traces. Here’s the needed connector LVDS Display Connector (30-pin)

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Hi Dan, Thanks for the message! That’s quite helpful.

Well, I had issues with the connector and in the process of trying to get the connector to work it managed to come loose unfortunately.

It all started when I managed to bend the pins on the lvds cable and thereafter trying over and over again to try and get them to make contact with the logic board. I think through all of this the plate came off.

At this stage I’m unsure whether the connector is the problem or if the cable is the problem. I assume the cable is due to bent pins but I can’t be sure.

How does one go about diagnosing it being the one or the other?

I’m new to Mac repairs.

Thanks for your help!


@Everything Potato - Lets see where you are now tale some good sharp detailed pics so we can see things and post them here for us to see Adding images to an existing question


I’ve added a photo of the connector and lvds cable.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your advice. I appreciate it. Just as a way to get a bit more information, what symptoms are present when dealing with a faulty logic board connector? My external display works fine and the built in display picks up in system preferences but is any of that related? Is it possible that the connector is fine still or what are the visual signs and symptoms of a bad connector? I’m really just trying to learn more about my problem.

In regards to my soldering skills, I haven’t soldered a connector onto a logic board before so it’ll be a first for me but I’m always up for a challenge.


Think of it this way you have a fork in the road The Left is to your internal and the right is to your external. So clearly the external pathway is viable but the internal one is not.

As far as what you see in your preferences and hardware listing, Analog devices don't show up only the listing its self. You see the USB ports not whats connected to them. Thats also true here. You see the display as its been programed to be shown. That doesn't imply it's working or active.

I'll worn you soldering these connectors are not easy! I would see if you have a friend who has soldering skills and has the correct tools for the job. Louis Rossmann has a few vids on the task you might want to watch Easy idiot-proof trick to replacing LCD connector on Macbook logic board you may need to do some patch lines if you lift the pad in the process.


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