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Repair guides and support information for Lenovo's Legion line of gaming laptops.

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The power port on my laptop keeps breaking

I have a Lenovo Legion Y545 that I purchased from Costco. I believe that exact model is/was Costco exclusive because it tends not to be listed in online lists of Lenovo models. I broke the power port by yanking on it accidentally at some point, and later the connection became flaky and ultimately stopped charging. I’ve sent it in for repair under warranty, but the problem has recurred, this time without me doing anything stupid. I’m afraid if I send it back again It’ll just get another temporary fix, and am wondering if I should do the repair myself and/or get it done locally instead. I have enough experience to feel comfortable tearing it down and doing simple repairs, but soldering is beyond my skills.

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Hi @jandanabi ,

Looking at p.48 of the Lenovo Legion Y545 hardware maintenance manual the power port is hard mounted on the systemboard.

Since soldering is beyond your skills then contact a reputable, professional laptop repair service and ask for a quote.

Here’s a link that may help. Type your location in the search box, to check if there are any suitable repairers located near you. All the businesses in the list have agreed to abide by the Repair Technicians’ Creed

I realize that you said that it was a Costco version, but basically it will be the same as other Y545 variants at least as far as how all the connectors are connected to the systemboard e.g. hard mounted or removable module card and where they’re located. What may differ is the individual specifications for the laptop e.g. ram, cpu, ssd, display type etc

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