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Repair guides for a large selection of Pentax digital cameras. Pentax digital cameras were developed by Pentax, Ricoh Imaging Corporation, and its predecessors, Pentax Corporation and Ashai Optical Co., Ltd.

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Looking for insightful info about Pentax Spotmeter V light meter

Hi All,

I’m new to this forum and quite a newbie regarding electronics, so first of all hello to everybody.

I’m trying to fix a Pentax Spotmeter V light meter, an analog device that is at least 50 years old, and I’m looking for any information on schematics or parts that can help me out. Maybe there is someone trying to do the same as me or has the info I’m looking for?


All the Best,


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Here’s the repair manual for your meter Pentax Spotmeter V service manual

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I’m afraid this is for the much older model, the Pentax Honeywell 1°/21°. This model has still two batteries and a different circuit for each of the readings, being low or bright light and the circuit is also different from the Spotmeter V (as far as I can tell after I opened it). I have already this manual, it could be found on internet, but I’m wondering if it is complete, because no specifications of electronic components are present (if this is standard practice in repair manuals, I don’t know).

Anyway, I appreciate your willingness to help me out, thank you.



I am looking for the service Manuel Pentax Digital Spotmeter :-)

Can any body give me a hint?

Thanks in advance


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Before we had SMT devices we had small wired devices which someone would hand solder to a board. This is a micro resistor used in cameras and photography meters.

Pentax never offered a full schematic for the meter. But they did offer the analog side which you’ll find in the manual I posted in your other question.

Be careful! The wire legs are easy to snap off. The resistor is part of a voltage divider used to adjust the voltage of the sensor.

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It is possible it is a voltage divider, but it is also placed before the sub-circuit of the lamp, so I'm not sure this adjusts the voltage of the sensor. Probably the voltage to the lamp then?


@chris_ifix The V model is digital with a Red LED display within the viewfinder. By chance do you have the meter version with a needle? Spotmeter 1-21 degrees. It has a tan handle vs the V model which is black. Pentax Spotmeter 1-21 degree


@danj No it is not digital. It is the analog version with needle. Not much different from the 1-21 , except for the fact that 1-21 uses 2 batteries: 9V for low light measuring and 1.3 V mercury for bright light.(or vice versa perhaps).So the circuitry is also different. Spotmeter V uses only 3x 1.5 alkaline batteries (4.5V). I think the digital spotmeter is just called 'digital spotmeter'.The Spotmeter V has a grey casing.https://bwfilmdiaries.files.wordpress.co...


@danj And indeed, there seem to be a black version as well, but mine is analog with needle.


@danj And the bulb is incandescent, not led for certain. Because I'm looking for more information about it and a possible replacement, but it seems to be OEM.

@danj My guess is that is comes perhaps from Honeywell as well, because Spotmeter 1/21 was made for Pentax by Honeywell in America, and perhaps my version also. Although this is pure speculation on my part.


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