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This laptop from HP was released in November of 2011. It has a 17.3" display and and comes in either silver or nero black. A notable feature of this model is its dual subwoofer sound system.

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My screen goes black or blue with windows 10 installation

My laptop when with windows 7 works but without the drivers for the Radeon 7690 AMD graphics. When I upgrade the driver using the appropriate graphics driver and reboot the laptop. The screen goes black but you can hear the machines working fine but the display isn't working. When I install windows 10, it does that sometimes 4/10. When it finally loads to desktop with the proper graphics driver, it shows no memory for the graphics driver and goes blue or black after 5 minutes of idleness. Have battled this issue for so long that I give up. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Do you have the Catalyst Software Suite v15.7.1 Radeon driver installed?


Important: Install drivers in Windows 8.0 “Compatibility Mode” - very important.

Boot up to Windows 10 and uninstall the graphics drive in Control Panel> Device Manager and reboot. Windows will either install the generic video driver or re-install the Radeon driver. Did that work?

If that doesn’t work use “Display Driver Uninstaller v18.0.4.4


DDU completely removes all traces of AMD, Nvidia, and Intel graphics card drivers. Follow directions on DDU web site.

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I have tried both and yet it hasn't worked. Like I mentioned earlier, the laptop works fine with win 7 which only gives me a generic display. As soon as I upgrade the graphics driver provided by hp support or from AMD, the screen goes blue or black again. You can the laptop working but not the display. I don't know if GPU need to be changed or what else I need to do. The display experience sucks with the generic display reason why I try to install the graphics driver. I still need help


@Freddy Collins

You did not mention if you ran "Display Driver Uninstaller". I have fixed many video driver problems with this application. Sometimes the corrupted files get buried quite deep in the OS.

I mean, what have you got to loose by trying?

Important: Install drivers in Windows 8.0 “Compatibility Mode” - very important.

* Is your BIOS version F.09 Rev.A?

* There is also the HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Support Environment:


for diagnostics (which I have not tried myself) and of course the on board HP diagnostics - press <Esc> key when first powering on.


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