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Выпущен 16 сентября 2016 года. Модель 1660, 1778. Стандарты связи GSM или CDMA. Память 32, 128 или 256 ГБ. Цвета: розовое золото, золотой, серебристый, черный и глянцевый черный.

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No touch screen, no home button, anyway to type in passcode?

Basically I dropped my phone and while the screen is working it no longer registers touch and the home button is not working either.

I’m trying just to patch this thing to retrieve my data and move into a new phone, i can turn it on and the system seems to be working since i can toggle the mute button on and off.

Is there anything I can do? i know the passcode so i just need a way to type it as the device boots.

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I would use the Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter (Amazon) with a USB keyboard. Conmect the eyboard to the USB port on the adapter, then plug the adapter into the iPhone. Press the space bar 2 times on the keyboard, then enter your passcode on the keyboard.

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@andrewsawesome would you know if this adapter accesses all the data that people like to transfer to their new phone, like contacts etc. or just AV files?


I might be wrong but I think the USB restriction will not let this happen. You will need to enter passcode to allow USB functions.


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