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Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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I have a sound problem in where it doesn't output sound

MacBook Pro 13" 2009 A1278

I have a sound problem in where it doesn't output sound, the sound displays crossed out. The original problem was the speakers had a crackle sound , I then replaced the speakers L/R. When I restart the the MBP, I do hear the Apple chime once but the sound appears to remain disabled.

Anything that i should be looking for?

Update (10/20/2021)

Dan, thank you for your prompt response. Regarding the headphone jacks, I barely use them but none the less I have checked them and they seem to be in order. Somehow I still have the same problem in where the sound symbol appears when I press sound up/down but below it also displays “ø”. Note that the Apple chime sounds when I restart the computer. Your help is appreciated.

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@gonziva - Yes, the chime sound can confuse people as that tells them the speaker is working!

But! That connection is not via the headphone jack left and right lines but via the Subwoofer speaker to get that nice deep base sound.

Then the jack connection on the logic board has an issue. I would use an meter to see if the jack is bad at this point.

This is a tough repair to replace the jack unit as its easier to replace the full logic board thats what I would do at this point.


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I bet you use your headphone jack a bit. What happens is the jack has a set of switches which normally send the audio signal to the speakers and when you insert the headphone plug the connection is to the plug as you can see here

Block Image

So you’ll need to see if the switch blades have shifted so they are not touching or there is some dirt interfering with them.

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Thank you Dan, I ended up opening the MBP and viewed carefully the headphone jack and didn't see anything obvious. So I took your advise to consider replacing the logic board, the fact that this is not a new computer I decided to leave as-is. I did in fact enabled blue tooth audio and I think this will do for the time being. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.


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@gonziva since you just replaced the speakers due to the crackling, double check your work and the connectors etc. I would also suggest that you at least give the Apple flowchart a try and see if that yields anything. Otherwise I believe that your decision is the right answer.

Block Image

Block Image

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