Sony Vaio-SVF152C1WL laptop suddenly shutdown?

I had the same issue with my Sony Vaio-SVF152C1WL and this takes about two seconds to shutdown after powering it on. Steps that I took already; 1) removing the RAM, HDD, Battery, and even the LCD but the problem still occurring. The last thing I did was taking out the Fan which is part of the heat-sink to clean it and reapply thermal paste with no success too.

Please help as I am in need of my only laptop.



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Did you notice anything unusual happening before the shut-down problem. Windows or Driver updates? Can you get to the BIOS screen? In other words does the shutdown happen after Windows tries to boot?


@aactech Thank you for all the inputs. I apologized for taking so long to respond to your message. I just got a hold of my login back. Just for your info, that mentioned laptop was working and had given away for $$$... I appreciate your help on this.


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