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Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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What is the middle battery connector for?

After Ipod touch battery replacement the battery has been getting stuck at 19% or less
then when it gets low enough the ipod shuts off,
and it take a while to get it to start up again with it plugged in,
Is it possible i got a defective battery?

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@beanman56 it's possible. where did you get it from?


I got my battery from ifixit,

so whats the middle connector for?


@beanman56 On the 6 gen I am pretty sure the centre pin is the battery data.


Is it needed?

Cus it was ripped off the board


@beanman56 Usually one or more pads come off when this happens. How’s you’re soldering skills?


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Hope you are well

I did not know really know how to explain this but I had a 6th gen that had the middle battery connection ripped off from previous repair and I noticed that mine would get stuck at 17% and when it would die it straight up wouldn’t charge again but there are test pads above the 3 battery pads and I found the one in the photo had a connection so I ran a jumper and it started working again so hopefully my complex explanation as helped

Anymore questions please ask


Block Image

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Whats a jumper


@beanman56 A jumper is copper wire that you use when a trace or pad is broken between components. The average size wire is 0.01mm


@hellomacos - What size should said jumper be?


@beanman56 where you been Sir? Doing ok?


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