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Repair information for damaged wires.

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office telephone Rj9 cable to mobile headphones


I need to use my mobile headphones for an office phone ,

I probably need to buy a converter but it isn't available in my country , so ..

Block Image

what I did was to cut the 3.5mm jack of my headphones and try to connect it with the rj9 cable..

I was able to get the sound working in my headphones but not the mic

when i try to connect the 2 grounds of the rj9 cable to the ground of the headphones , I hear a terrible whistle

so if any one can tell me the exact circuit between them , it will be great!

thanks in advance!

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Telephone wiring is not the best wire if you want a clean signal. The microphone side of your head set is so low the SNR can be a problem. This is where coax wire is better suited.

Anyways here’s a good writeup on headphone wiring Can anyone help me identify which wires go to the left, Right,Ground

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the problem is there are 2 grounds in the rj9 so if I connect them with the headphones i hear that whistle


@Møhámèd Âbđállàh - Why are you connecting both together the current level is not high enough to require it.


then how should I get the mic working together with the sound ? the headphones have only one ground .


@Møhámèd Âbđállàh - Most headsets have one common ground at the plug end. You have Left +, Right + and Mic + and then the shared ground.

Did you review the URL link I posted to @jayeff great answer?



sorry for late response ..

I have reviewed jayeff's answer ,

I have 4 wires at the end of the headphones

blue : right audio

green : left audio

yellow : ground

red : mic

and at the rj9 cable there are 4 cables ..

assumingly : the first and the last one are for the mic and its ground and the 2 middle wires are for mono audio with its ground ,,,

I tried to make the connection like that :

1. green and blue : mono audio+

2. red : mic+

3. yellow : audio- and mic-

when I connect the mono audio with green and blue and the mono audio ground to the yellow the audio works perfectly ,,

and when I try to connect the mic to red and its ground to the yellow ( so there are two ground connected with the yellow wire) , I hear a terrible whistle within the headphones themselves .. so I don't know what am I doing wrong ..

I hope you can help me ..


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