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Water damage on Mac Keyboard how do I dismantle it?

I recently spilled water on my MacBook and was wondering how I can open it to enable me to dry it? Any help would be grateful!

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Hi you have reached the only website in the world with the data necessary to do what you need.

Because there are 4 distinctly different models of Macbook, you'll need to know that information. Then check out the repair guides for your specific MacBook model.

Just because the repair guides say "Repair Guide" doesn't mean they have to be used to repair something. In your case, use the guide to disassemble your computer sufficiently to air-out the computer.

With good luck no serious damage. Bad luck will lead to actual repair of parts. If the MacBook is in Warranty, take it to Apple, and hope for pity; water damage is detectable by Apple Techs, and voids the warranty.

Have fun and good luck!

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