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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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"Wrong passcode" after battery replacement

I recently replaced the battery on an Apple Watch Series 4 44mm.

I removed the force touch sensor completely and did not replace it.

The Watch now shows a charging symbol when on the charger but the battery percentage stays at zero.

Also, almost every time the Watch is powered on it says “Wrong passcode, try again in 10 minutes". According to the owner of the Watch, even after 10 minutes the right passcode still doesn't work.

Should I have replaced the force touch sensor or did I aage something else?

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The Force Touch Sensor is the only form of waterproofing that an Apple Watch has, making it important to replace during a repair. However, it should not be causing the type of error that you describe. That type of error is probably caused by the charging troubles or some kind of error within WatchOS itself.

Here is a support guide from Apple that should help resolve that issue: Link. It should help to have the owner of the watch use their iCloud-linked devices to get through that.

Here is a link where you can buy the Force Touch Sensor: Link.

Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4) Force Touch Sensor Gasket Изображение


Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4) Force Touch Sensor Gasket


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