Port Forwarding Is Not Working on an Xfinity xFi Gateway

First of all, I know that there have been many posts about this problem before, but from my research, there hasn't ever been a clear answer to it. Second, I have never had this problem before until I had received a new xFi router from Xfinity after I needed a network switch replaced. Xfinity said it was a free upgrade, and that the new router brought security enhancements and performance increases. At the time, I didn't really see any harm in upgrading it as it was free, but I was wrong. And finally, thank you in advance, as I know this is a very annoying issue that many people have been having since Xfinity rolled out the new xFi routers alongside a firmware update.

Yesterday, I was finishing setting up a locally-hosted Minecraft server that my friends and I would play on. I have successfully done this on past networks, and I even followed an official Minecraft wiki guide. However, when I went to port forward the server's IP address, I noticed that you could no longer do so through the xFi router's administrator page ( It said I needed to do so through the xFi website, so I did and it seemed simple enough. Unfortunately, after port forwarding the server, no one outside of my home network could join. They kept getting errors that said the authentication servers were down or that the network was unreachable. There was nothing wrong with the server itself, as I could join it from another computer on my network. I left Minecraft's default port number as it is (25565), and I even manually tried inputing it into the xFi website instead of using the preset Minecraft option. I had previously disabled the advanced security option and was not using a static IP address per Xfinity's recommendation when I tried this.

Also, is there a way that I could use port triggering instead of port forwarding on my Xfinity xFi router? Port triggering is still available through the router's administrative log-in page, and I was wondering if it would still work in a similar way to port forwarding so that I can bypass the issues with port forwarding altogether.

I have looked at countless other blog posts and wikis on this issue, but none of them really had a clear solution to the problem. If any of you have gotten around it, please let me know and all help is appreciated.

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