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Where does this gold prong go?

I have torn down my Iphone 4 to replace a cracked screen but I have this gold prong that looks like it clips on somewhere and a screw screws in on top of it but where does it go?

Block Image

Block Image

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The only loose "prong" I can think of is the one that sits under the battery connector and a screw goes through both, but this doesnt look like this part. I have mended a dozen iPhone 4's now and cant see what that part is. Maybe a higher res image would help.



on the same bench ive torn down and replaced 2x iphone 3gs and they are both working fine, so it may have come from them or maybe not, the iphone 4 is working fine too except the front camera doesnt work and is stuck on shutter, also the flash doesnt work... hmm

hard to get high res pics, ill see what i can do

any other help would be greatful


Brad, you are a legend that is exactly what i was looking for thanks heaps for that :D


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This part must be silver in color, not gold.

That little piece is part of the Cover Plate at the top of the iP4 (the plate that covers the Logic Board Connectors). The part is attached at the top center of the Plate, and the Long Screw at the top of the iP4 goes right through it.

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hi...can somebody tell me how call the small piece under battery connector iphone 4s? and where can i get this? thanks

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