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replaced dc-in now comp is making noises and says restart

My daugter's iBook dc-in burned out. The comp was working fine if we used batteries charged in our other 12" iBooks. I replaced the dc-in board. The battery now will charge but the computer is messed up. I can feel clicking etc. under the rear quadrant on the usb input side. The fan came on fairly loudly once. The computer keeps saying it needs to be restarted by holding the power switch several seconds. The same message keeps coming up. I've gotten it to work for a few minutes a couple of times......then the need to restart message with a large image of the power button comes on again. I took the comp apart again to see if I had done everything properly, but couldn't see the problem. My son's computer recently had a bad jack and I replaced it with no problem.

Any help would be appreciated!



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You replaced the dc in board---did you reset the PMU? If I read correctly the computer is asking for that. You remove the battery and power adapter. Them press and hold the power switch for 5 seconds and release. Reinstall the battery and adapter. Turn on the computer and keep fingers crossed. If it starts normally you are good to go. If not get back to us and we will look deeper. Ralph

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Do you know what the "Large image of the power button" is?

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I took the battery and adapter off and pushed the power switch for 5 seconds. I put the battery back in and plugged the adapter too. It again says you need to restart your comp hold down the power button for several seconds or press the restart button. It repeats the instructions in 3 additional languages on a gray square with an image of a large power button.


Instructions in several languages sounds like kernel panic. Please reseat your memory and double check your connections. I must confess I've never heard of the large power button either. Ralph


Hi, I'm not sure how to reseat the memory. The display shows a rectangle in the center of the screen containing what I described above. The normal desktop display surrounds it. I was able to go on safari for about 10 minutes then I tried firefox and the rectangle......reappeared.


Is the restart message small or does it fill the screen?


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