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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with a 2 TB capacity.

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What is going on with my external hard drive?

I have a WD 2TB external hard drive that I use for video files (mp3 / mp4). It has plenty of space still available. I have transferred files to it and can clearly see the file is there and can play it on my laptop but, when I plug it into my TV, some of the files don't show. All files come from the same source so I don't think that's the issue. Please advise…

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Plug it into your tv and take note of some of the videos that appear, and some that do not. Connect it back to your laptop and see if it seems like a certain file type isn't working. For example, your tv may play .mp4 videos but not .avi or .mpeg. This can also happen with images or audio clips.

I may play a .mp3, but not a .wma or .wav. Or display a .jpg but not .png.

Do you have access to the owners manual for the TV? It will typically list what files it supports. (It may also list other properties like a max resolution for an image or video as well.)

You can also rule out the external hard drive by copying one video that you can see on your tv and one that you can't to a flash drive or another HDD. If the same videos are visible, it's likely your tv's limitations on file types, vs a hardware issue with the hard drive, flashdrive, etc.

What make and model is the tv?

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It's a Hisense Smart TV. Took your advice and put some episodes that weren't showing up on a different flash drive. Of course, it played perfectly (same slot as WD was plugged into)... then, when I plugged my WD back in, all the missing episodes were miraculously there. Almost like the dang thing knew I was researching what was wrong with it... thanks for the help!


Interesting how technology starts behaving. The number of times i've heard “hey, as soon as you showed up, it's been working. I swear it's been broken a month.”

Sometimes I feel like it's just a case of “omg it's working. Back away slowly and don't question how.” ?


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