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Released April 2020, this phone has a metallic blue plastic back and contains a stylus. It can be identified by model number XT2043-4.

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My Moto G Stylus 2020 Power Button Doesn't Work

Please Help Me To Teardown My Moto G Stylus To Fix My Power Button Issue.

Guide Me As Soon As Possible.

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Here’s a teardown video that may help.

Most of the repair guides found on ifixit are created by users, who are interested in repairing their devices themselves, just like you.

If you feel so inclined create a guide as you repair your phone and post it back on ifixit, others in the future will no doubt thank you for doing so.

Here’s How to Create a Guide on ifixit

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This Video Doesn't Help Me


@Saim Rajpoot

Since it is a relatively new phone there's not much information out there.

At least the video shows how to open the phone so that you can access the power button etc.

After that you will have to find out what's wrong.

If you're not familiar with troubleshooting electronic devices, contact a professional repairer.

Also since it is the 2020 model, is it still covered by the manufacturer's warranty at all?

Most offer a 12 month warranty and unless you dropped the phone or got it wet it should be covered if it still is in warranty.


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