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PS3 FAT YLOD symptoms?

Hi everyone, i have a fat PS3 (CECHC04) that worked fine until a few months ago. I swap the HDD years ago with a 250GB one and i had no issues. I haven't used the console much lately, it has been shut down for a month or more, i don’t remember exactly.

I tried to turn it on a few days ago, the light turned green and the fan immediately started at maximum. After about 5 seconds, the light turned yellow for one second then i heard 3 beeps and the console shut down, while the light turned blinking red.

I followed ifixit’s YLOD guide, i heated the chips with the hot air gun, i replaced thermal pads and thermal paste, but the console has the same behavior. I also tried to turn on the console without the CR battery and without the HDD, but nothing helped. What could i check or do?


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Are you comfortable with soldering SMD components?


Unfortunately, not much. What could I have done?


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The process for fixing the PS3 YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) problem involves replacing the NEC/TOKIN capacitors on the motherboard with 470uf SMD tantalum capacitors(like these). Since you stated you are not comfortable with SMD soldering, I will not provide the repair steps here.

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Yes, i've seen some youtube tutorials, but i think i can't handle that. Thank you, anyway!


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