6th Gen 80GB iPod classic not connecting to iTunes all of a sudden

I have a daily-driven iPod that I use all the time since about 3-4 years ago, but only today when it started acting up by not connecting to iTunes. Tried diagnostic mode, tried disk mode, and rebooted about 20 times to no avail. Basically doesn’t do anything when plugged in, but charging seems to work still (the icon is not there but the battery stays full while playing, so I am guessing it’s receiving power)

And then I noticed that there's a pin that seems to be out of the socket, but couldn't be sure whether that's supposed to be there or not. My iTunes is otherwise connecting to my other 5th Gen iPod just fine via my original 30-pin cable from Apple from 2005 lol

Image of the pin: https://i.redd.it/6lmwqjc3hu681.jpg

Any additional ideas would be appreciated! Thank you!

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