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The 2018 version of the Samsung Galaxy A8+ smartphone released in January 2018.

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Headphone jack does not work (Samsung Galaxy A8)

If I insert headphones into the jack, everything works fine, the phone switches to headphones.

If I insert a wire to the amplifier (AUH) into the connector, the phone does not switch to this connector, it does not see anything at all and plays music on the built-in speaker. I downloaded an application that allows you to forcibly switch the playback direction, but I don't like this solution.

Earlier, when the phone was new, everything worked fine, when the AUX wire was connected, the phone switched to the jack and I listened to music on an external amplifier.

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Hi @alexey_nla

Have you tried a different 3.5mm stereo audio cable to connect the phone to the amplifier in case the plug on the audio cable has worn down?

Try using an adapter to connect the amplifier to the phone. Plug the adapter into the phone and the amplifier stereo cable into the adapter.

The phone has a 4 pole headphone socket i.e. L & R speakers, microphone and earth (or common) whereas the aux stereo cable most probably uses a 3 pole plug i.e. L & R speakers and earth (or common) and over time the spring in the headphone jack in the phone which detects that a plug has been inserted loses tension and it won’t operate because the incorrect plug has been inserted.

When the correct plug i.e. 4 pole, is inserted it should work as that is what the phone’s headphone socket is designed for

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I did not use a headset to connect, but a 3-pin headphone. Exactly the same connector used to connect an external amplifier. Tried using the adapter too - this option didn't fix it.

A variety of 3-pin headphones work great.



Just verifying that a connector is used to connect a headphone and it works but the same connector doesn't work for the amplifier is this correct?

Bit confused, is the headphone plugged into the connector which is then plugged into the phone?

Does the phone register that something is plugged in when you just plug in the connector that works with the headphones but with no headphones attached?


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I have the same problem, too with my Samsung Galaxy A8. The earphone jack always works normally when I connect my earphones or earphones/mic. However, it never works correctly when I connect an 3.5 mm aux cable directly from the earphone jack to the aux-in on my sound system. It doesn't switch to send the sound through the aux cable, and keeps playing it out the phone's speaker. SOLUTION THAT WORKED FOR ME: I found an un-elegant work around... I have added a line splitter (one of those that you can use for sharing your music with a friend when you both are using earphones). I plug in a set of earphones to one side of the splitter, then use an aux cord to go from the other side of the splitter to the aux-in on my sound system, and it works. There is some volume loss due to splitting the signal, so the volume on my phone and on my sound system have to be turned up higher than normal, but the phone switches its output properly, and sends music through the aux cable to the sound system (and to the earphones).

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