Original digitizer doesn't work after replacing digitizer

Hi all,

I traded some stuff for a switch from a friend of mine, which needed a few repairs. One of the optional ones I did was a digitizer replacement since the old one had some deep scratches on the front of it. Nothing that prevented it from working.

My switch is a HAC-001 model which the digitizer replacement part page said it’s compatible with. It is unfortunately serial number XAW1008005-, which places it just inside the unpatched version, meaning that I can’t run the custom bootloader to diagnose and recalibrate the screen. I’m not sure what’s going on.

I tried to plug in the original digitizer and rebooted the device, but the original digitizer didn’t work even though it had been working when I pulled it off. I checked that the cable was seated right, I checked that the headphone jack board was connected right, and I even checked all the ribbon cables to make sure that none were damaged. Nothing seems to be amiss. Any ideas on what could be up?

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