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Repair guides and information for portable, battery powered Bluetooth speakers

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Ion Bluetooth speaker won't stay charged even after 8 hrs

Ion Bluetooth speaker from Walmart won't stay charged even after 8 hours of charging with no use , unplug for a minute and it dies. Will work while plugged in but that's it.

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I Have A Ion Bluetooth Speaker From Costco

When I Charge My Speaker It Stays Charge

I Don't Have Too Charge For Weeks.

I Play My Speaker Everyday And Can Charge My Phone

Conga Master


My Bluetooth speaker will work plug in the wall but I unplug it will not work has to be plugged in all time



What is the make and model number of the speaker?


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Given it works when plugged in but not on the battery only, it appears as though the battery is faulty or has failed and needs to be replaced.

I cannot find a teardown video online that shows how to open the speaker, but here’s a link that may help in finding the correct replacement battery.

According to the link, if you have had the speaker for <90 days from new, then the battery is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Thank you, I just came across it myself, just before checking here. Again thank you


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I have to replace my battery. Want to know if the Ion Bluetooth speaker charging system works with lead acid batteries & lithium.

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Mine powers on but won’t connect to Bluetooth only radio any suggestions besides replacing the battery which I did but the company sent me the wrong size


you need to download the app and connect to bluetooth thru the app. THEN connect to audio via phone bluetooth


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