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iPhone 12 not charging and turning on

Hello, I was dealing with the issue of not being able to turn on my phone, I tried to start a restart on my phone, hopefully that it would work but didn’t. I thought maybe its dead so i charaged it over night yet the next morning, it doesn’t turn on, when i plug in my phone it won’t show the low battery symbol or show if i have low battery whatsoever. I tried using different charging cables and ports but nothing seems to be working. Should I take it to the store and see if they could help? what should I do? :(

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This sounds like the *most likely* culprit is bad screen. The OLED iPhone 12 screens are very sensitive and all or nothing. It doesn’t take much to kill the screen entirely. Your next step is to rule out bad screen with a replacement. If that is too costly, then the next best step would be to use a usb ammeter to confirm that the phone is charging and therefore it is even more likely a bad screen.

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An option if you have a wireless charger is to try that, if it works than the lighting port may have a issue.

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