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Released April 17, 2020 Model XT2041-4, XT2041-6, XT2041-7, XT2041DL

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I’m switching carriers. Moto g power doesn’t recognize new SIM

I’m switching carriers. The SIM from the new carrier says ‘the SIM is disabled’. Any ideas as to how to fix this?

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Have you unlocked the phone from the old carrier?


It was never locked.


@Patsy Martinson

Try contacting the new carrier and ask them to unlock the SIM


Thanks. They’ve tried everything.


Who was the old carrier? Did you buy it from the carrier or another retailer?


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you could check your network settings and make sure you aren't set to 2G or 3G only assuming your SIM is a 4G or LTE type. Usually it's set to auto-detect or fall back if one network is having problems, but it's something easy to try. I'd reboot afterwards if you end up changing it. There are also a few apps on the Play store that will read a SIM and give you diagnostic info, probably won't help you but the info may help your carrier fix the issue.

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