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Model A1311 / Mid 2011 / 2.5 & 2.7 GHz Core i5 or 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Can I… Or should I Update?

I just got a mid 2011 iMac running OS X El Capitan. If I buy the upgrade kit would I be able to update my operating system?

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You should be able to upgrade it (to high Sierra) without the kit.

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Here’s a link to the macOS files How to get old versions of macOS

I would recommend creating a bootable OS installer thumb drive and given the system you should stick with Sierra (HFS+ file system) or if you need something newer I would go upto Mojave (APFS file system) but that will require DosDude to run. High Sierra has issues!

Format the USB with a GUID partition map and a Journaled File System before setting it up following this guide How to create a bootable macOS Sierra installer drive

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