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Repair guides and support for the Motorola Moto G6 Play, Released May 2018. Model number XT1922.

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Broken glass, screen itself still working. Replace just the glass?

Phone accidentally dropped on a concrete surface while running for a bus yesterday. There appears to be no damage to the actual screen (picture is fine and it’s still recognising touches as normal), but there is significant cracking to the front layer of glass.

Is it possible to replace this glass on its own or does the whole screen assembly have to be replaced? The whole screen would be more expense that it’s worth, but if the glass on its own can be done fairly inexpensively (either by paying someone to do it or DIY if it’s not too hard) then that might be worth it.

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@pythonmegapixel “can be done fairly inexpensively” sorry but no. The issue here is that you need some special equipment to separate the glass from the LCD, replacing it and re adhering it etc.. It takes someone that has the tools and the skills to do this. Replacing the complete assembly is pretty much the only way to get it done for the DIY’er. As in finding somebody to do a glass repair only, you’d have to do an online search for pricing etc.

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Ah, OK. I hadn't realised the glass layer was actually integrated into the LCD. I assumed that the glass was separate and just held in by the side bezel.

Might be a new phone for me then unfortunately, as the display assembly costs more than I paid for the device to start with


Sorry to hear this. It's crazy that it is cheaper to get a new phone than to repair a perfectly good one. What a waste and a strain on our environment. Anyhow, best of luck to you.


@oldturkey03 Not unusal with budget Motos. My G7 is the same way, but not my G Stylus 2021 4G*. It takes a bit of effort to do it to premium Motos.

*I replaced this not because it was BER, but because T-Mobile includes 5G in their plans and I wanted it. I still use it as a PDA.


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