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Coffee brewmaster released in 2013. The Keurig K40 is a k-cup compatible coffee maker.

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Why wont my keurig make a full cup of coffee?

hi … i have a keurig k40 …that every couple months decides to not make a full cup of coffee … tried everything shown in info i seen on this site…last couple times i had this problem …on the top theres a check valve that i took apart ..cleaned etc and watever i actually really did im not sure ..but works than for a month or 2 same issue …would it help changing check valve ? or would this k40 have a solenoid that could be causing issue ?

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Hello, does this issue happen when you use a K-Cup or do you use one of the reusable cups?


i would say it happens with both k-cups and reusable cups ...also if i just fill a cup of hot water alone .. does this as well...


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From what I can gather it might be that the needle that is used to puncture the K-Cup might be dirty. You can take a paper clip and see if that will dislodge any grounds that might have built up. Otherwise I would check your water pump, as that might be causing the issue.

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i have cleaned needle as well ...still causing issue .... put water pump in vinegar still giving issue ...put a dfferent water pump from a different keurig on there ...still giving that issue so im wondering if it could be a solenoid ?


@norbie I would definitely try that next and see if that has an effect on the issue. Thankfully a replacement part doesn't seem to be insanely expensive if you want it brand new.


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