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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Mac mini 2012 internal disk drive is not working.

Hello community.

I have a mac mini 2012 i7 2.3Gh/z and a 2010. I succeeded in fitting the 2012 motherboard in the 2010 chassis with an original macbook pro optical disk drive in it without modifying the motherboard. Sadly the optical disk drive does not want to take discs. It doesn’t swallow the disks at all. The optical drive doesn’t makes sound on startup. In System Information I do see the optical drive appearing in SATA and in disk burn. When I put in the 2010 motherboard again the drive is fully function. As I’ve been reading some old forums for this swap. I’ve found out that the 2012 model needed a modified SATA cable which has pin 4 removed on the data part of the cable. I also have tried a SMC reset and an older operating system (high sierra). I also tried installing mountain lion the original os it came with. But it all didn’t work sadly.
The drive does seem to eject discs when I put “drutil tray eject” in terminal.

I was wondering if someone knows how this problem could be solved. Thanks in advance.

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For reference here's the 2012 Mac Mini systems:




The only few posts I have found including yours about the #4 Diagnostic Pin fails to provide any info on how to determine which pin that is???

I need to know which pin to cut or whatever. A pic or diagram would be

helpful. I can't find any specific information on this.


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So I’ve figured it out! Apparently I removed the wrong number 4 pin. I removed it from the power lines instead of the data lines. It works perfectly now without the Manufacturing Diagnostic pin (and a missing ground pin).

I’m going to order a new cable though where I will only remove the Manufacturing Diagnostic pin just to be safe.

I’ve now have managed to put in the Mac mini 2012 2.3Gh/z i7 motherboard into a Mac mini 2010 case without modifying the motherboard.

I will hopefully add a blu-ray drive in the future.

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Hey Ivo,

I am doing the exact same thing, Only difference is with an i5 2012...

All of the links are broken that used to show what is pin #4 to cut.

Please if you have any way of helping pointing out to me how to do

this exact modification on this optical drive ribbon would be appreciated.

ty, Scott

p.s. Also what about a missing ground pin???


Nevermind! Found it on Archive.org WayBackMachine -- 123macmini.com



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I don’t know much about this machine (heck, I’m just taking a guess here) but it seems like maybe it’s not fitting into the case right or is not compatible with the newer motherboard. It could also be that this machine just won’t work with an internal disk drive, as the machine is not designed to.

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Well everything fits right and seems fine. But even when testing outside the case it doesn't want to accept discs. It can however eject disks with "drutil tray eject".


@ivodek I feel like it's probably the fact that your machine just isn't meant to have an internal drive, so it won't work properly. I don't know what else to say.


@shrek420 - I think you took a left turn here ;-)

I've posted the links above to the different systems that make up the 2012 Mac Mini series all have drives HDD's or SSD's. A optical drive was never offered internally.


@danj I meant internal Optical Drive. My bad.


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I guess you can't add a picture to a Comment. This is how I modded it without cutting!

Block Image


Anyone looking for this related subject should read ifixit Thread below >>>

Can a 2011 Mac Mini fit in a 2010 case?

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