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Where are my pictures stored.

my son tried to take apart my old iPod to get the photos off of it but he doesn’t know where the component that holds them is. if someone cold tell me it would be awesome.

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Sam Smith if the iPod is a 2nd gen then everything is stored on the hard drive. Apple uses a really weird way of storing the files on that drive. It does not look like any “normal” directory. There is some software that will help creating order out of the chaos and will help removing the files. Check write-ups like this one and more about that on here. Let us know if this is really a 2nd gen iPod and if you need some more specific help.

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that was a typo i meant ipod touch @nd gen

that was my bad


Sam Smith I thought there was something odd about this question ;-) Anyhow, in the case of the iPod Touch the files are all stored on a memory IC. That IC is soldered to the board and there is not really any way to remove those files without the iPod working.


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