Why after replacing my battery, does my laptop automatically shut off?

This is a new battery I purchased from IFixit

Update (01/25/2022)

I finally decided to reset SMC and select all the default settings for the battery. Appears to have corrected the problem. The MacBook has not shut down after 2 hrs of use for the past 2 days.

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Some more details would be helpful.

When exactly does it shut off? It runs for a while and shuts down randomly? Or it shuts off if you remove the charger? or something else?


It powers off while I working on a spreadsheet or document after approximately 2hrs. Doesn't matter if the power adaptor is plugged in or unplugged. The battery icon is at various stages of charge. Once I power back up the battery history is blank. Have not reset SMC yet. Running Monterey 12.1.


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