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Why does my car die and loose power

My 2007 Honda Accord 6cyl, has an aftermarket keyless and remote start. I get in the car either after staring it with remote or not turn on and turn on light or put into part car dies, no power whatsoever. I sometimes have to wait couple minutes and then will start. I do loose the radio all preset stations and the auto power window doesn't work on drivers side I have to reprogram it to make work. I assume battery have had couple cold snaps like 5° mornings , starts easy everytime cables all tight. I turn the key and I get nothing doesn't try to start at all no click. Hopefully an easy fix I haven't thought of yet. Thanks for help. Jason

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@irishlonghorn you checked this aftermarket system? It sounds like that maybe where your issues are based on things like this "do loose the radio all preset" it appears as if it cuts power right at the battery level.


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Sounds like the alternator is going out the alternator is responsible for maintaining the battery while the car is running without the battery being charged none of the electronics in the car can get power

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