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Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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For some reason my ipad is stuck on a apple screen rebooting

So today one of my siblings got a new ipad and he gave me his ipad 3

but for some reason its stuck on a apple screen rebooting and i tried so many method like pressing the home screen button and off button at the same time and did not work so can someone help me?

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Nayeli Cedillo has the battery been changed on this iPad yet? This could e a power issues and I would at least consider replacing the battery. Not easy to do but you want to think about this. iPad 3 4G Battery Replacement


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There are a number of things that can cause a “boot - loop” the most common is bad software which can be fixed by restoring the ipad with iTunes or 3u tools use 3u tools retain user data flash if important information is on the ipad. If this does not work that means there is likely a motherboard problem

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