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Keyboard got wet some keys not working after drying

A cup of tea spilled onto keyboard. After drying MBP in rice (unit was not dissembled, it will start up) there are a few keys that do not work, tried connecting a remote USB keyboard and the same keys do not work, any suggestions as what to do/try to repair MBP?

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Hi Robert. First action to take with a liquid damaged computer is to switch off electricity to the logic board so you have to remove the bottom cover and disconnect the battery. This would greatly help to stop the corrosion on the internal electronics. Rice is not a efficient method to remove humidity inside the laptop. Here’s what a technician would do to your liquid damaged Mac.

1- disconnect charger from the laptop. Don’t try to start it up. 2- Remove the bottom cover and disconnect the battery. 3- Remove the logic board for a visual inspection both sides checking if liquid has reached the logic board. If no liquid, liquid traces, corrosion on the board you should be ok with it. If there’s liquid or stains on logic board (or on other internal parts) should be cleaned with isopropyl 99% alcool. 4- Top case should be placed in a dry and warm area with a fan blowing air to it to remove humidity 5- There’s a good probability that the keyboard must be replaced cause tea may have corroded the small traces between the internal layers. 6- When everything is dry reassemble the Mac and try to boot it performing a nvram and smc resets. If the keyboard don’t work check the keyboard connection to the logic board there may be corrosion on the cable end or inside the connector. Try a usb keyboard, it should work otherwise there’s a problem with the logic board. Good luck :-)

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Lemerise thanks for your quick reply.

I removed the battery, and disconnected the keyboard ribbon cable to the logic board, reinstalled the battery, plug in a USB keyboard, powered on and everything works normally now, Have ordered a replacement keyboard from ifixit


That's good news Robert. But while you're waiting for the new keyboard you should remove the logic board and check under it. If there's still liquid there it must be cleaned cause there will be corrosion when electricity will pass in the board. Corrosion will eat solder on the fine IC legs, capacitors, resistors, etc. Unit can work ok now but with time you'll begin to lose board functions when theses components will lose connectivity with their pads. Just an advice....


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