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Request for Dyson Dc50 repair guide or teardown

Hello Everyone, Appreciate if one of you can guide me to a Dyson DC50 teardown or a repair guide… I found a couple of videos on YouTube by allvacuumbrandsctn1 which are very detailed. But the videos are very choppy and couldn’t follow anything at all. Appreciate your help

link to YouTube https://youtu.be/h6Fk27GTx5I

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This isn’t really a answer but it’s a good recommendation in my opinion

There is this guy on YouTube called beko1987 who has a couple different videos

On taking apart all different dyson stuff

I have watched some of his videos before and while they aren’t edited and chopped up 90% of them are in real time so they are quite easy to follow along with

So maybe see if his YT channel is any use



Thank you very much for your help HelloMacOS. He has videos related to DC40 and nothing about DC50. Watched his video about taking apart DC40 which is not completely but almost similar to DC50. That helped. Let me try making a video myself to help other.

Once again, Thank you taking time to help.



Glad I could help

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask

Hopefully all goes well



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Calcasmy the problem is that the iFixit gurus are always extremely busy and really do not have the time to take all the devices apart that we would like to see. That is why a large number of guides are actually written by users like you and I. That is what makes iFixit great. Here, anybody can help out by empowering others to fix their devices. Remember: Repair is War on Entropy!!!!

If you do take yours apart why not do something for the rest of those that might need it? Create an iFixit guide for all those people! That would be awesome. It is not difficult at all.


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