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A point and shoot camera manufactured in 2014 by Sony.

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Zoom lever is sticking - can it be repaired/replaced?

The lever sticks in the centre and requires a lot of force to move to W or T… So just jumps all the way to each extreme. I can feel some friction when it does move - but it then just centres and ‘locks’ as soon as you let go. Is there a cleaning/repair solution, or can the button and lever be replaced? I haven’t managed to find part numbers yet…

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Hello Joe, i had similar problems on most cameras with rotating zoom switch, i used wet wipe ( for babies ) and run the edge under the switch , it clears sand, and any sticky residue that would get the switch stuck. if you think it’s jammed inside, i would be very careful while opening the camera, the complexity of the unit is so high, it takes bit more than regular handy man to put it back together, and the switch itself is so tiny , that whatever caused it to be locked into place , would most likely be unrepairable, or just not worth it , it’s better to order the switch and try to replace it.

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